The Latrobe ELF Study

Active recruitment for the Early Life Follow-up (ELF) stream of the Hazelwood Health Study finished in November 2016, although we are still happy to accept enrolments for eligible siblings at the family’s request.  We are pleased to report that we have met our target of enrolling 500 children into the study and hope that a high percentage of these will continue with us on the study’s journey over the next few years!

Latest News                                                       

Breathing and heart system checks are now underway at the Latrobe Community Health Service in Morwell. We have had a great response from parents of our young ELF participants and it has been great getting to meet many of you face-to-face! All participants who have agreed to take part in clinics have been sent a letter containing a unique log-in which can be used to make an appointment online. Melanie and Susan have also been busy on the phones making appointments.

If you haven’t already been contacted for a clinic booking you can call the Latrobe ELF Study support line on 1800 322 102, or email us at

All clinic attendees receive a $25 Coles voucher, and the kids are kept smiling with a cute cuddly toy and book to take home.  Here are a couple of our happy customers!

ELF clinicals1ELF clinicals2

Click here to read what is involved in the breathing check.
Click here to read what is involved in the heart system check.

Background to the ELF Study                                                      

What is the study about?

The Latrobe ELF Study is part of the Hazelwood Health Study is the first study of its kind to follow the wellbeing of children following a severe smoke episode. The study aims to explore whether the smoke of the Hazelwood mine fire of 2014 affected the health and development of babies and children in any way in the years following the fire.

In particular the study will look at the impact of smoke exposure on birth outcomes such as birthweight and maturity, the occurrence of minor common illnesses such as sore ears and common colds, as well as early lung, heart and blood vessel function and development. Information gathered from the study will assist communities and governments to respond to similar events from bushfires or other fires in the future.

Participation in the study will involve completion of a questionnaire, a monthly tick-box record of whether your child was unwell, providing a small dust and soil sample from your home and your child participating in simple lung, heart and blood vessel checks (from 2017).

Interested in joining the study or want to find out more?

We would love to hear from you! You can get in touch with us to find out more about the study by calling the Latrobe ELF study support line on 1800 322 102 or emailing us at

More information is provided in the Latrobe ELF study information sheet and consent form.