Fact Sheets and Summaries

The following fact sheets and summaries have been released to date:

Research Area Release Date Topic
Schools Study March 2019 Research Summary – The ongoing experiences of students following the Hazelwood mine fire
Adult Survey January 2019 Research Summary – Adult Survey: Mine fire exposure and health
Latrobe ELF Study December 2018 Research Summary – Birth outcomes using anonymous Victorian Perinatal Data Collection Records
Hazelinks December 2018 Research Summary – Ambulance attendances during the Hazelwood mine fire
Psychological Impacts November 2018 Research Summary – Adult psychological outcomes following the Hazelwood mine fire: A mixed methods study
Latrobe ELF Study October 2018 Research Summary – Indicators of lung and blood vessel function three years after the fire
Psychological Impacts September 2018 Research Summary – Children’s perspectives on the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire and subsequent smoke event
Schools Study September 2018 Research Summary – Impacts of the Hazelwood mine fire on students and staff from a specialist school which relocated during the smoke event
Psychological Impacts August 2018 Research Summary – Interviews with Morwell residents about their experiences of the Hazelwood coal mine fire
Hazelinks Apr 2018 Research Summary – Use of health services and medications
Latrobe ELF Study Jan 2018 Research Summary – Latrobe ELF Cohort Study Volume 1
Hazelinks Sep 2017 Research Summary – Baseline cancer incidence analysis
Adult Survey Sep 2017 Research Summary – Comparison of Morwell to Sale
Hazelinks Sep 2017 Research Summary – Emergency Presentations and Hospital Admissions
Schools Study June 2017 Summary of key year 1 findings
Older People Feb 2017 Policy Brief – Policy review of the impact of the Hazelwood mine fire on older people
Air Quality Assessment Feb 2017 Summary Report – Air quality modelling of smoke exposure from the Hazelwood mine fire
Air Quality Assessment Dec 2016 Executive Summary – Air quality measurements during the Hazelwood mine fire
Schools Study Nov2016 Initials findings from the first year of data collection from the schools study
Hazelinks Sep 2016 Initial findings from the analysis of ambulance call outs during the event
Air Quality Assessment May 2015 Preliminary estimates of how far the mine fire smoke travelled during the mine fire event