The mine fire event and the health study continues to receive considerable interest in the media. This page provides an archive of the key media since the establishment of the study, including stories arising from the local community.

Media Archive

27 February 2017 Improved processes needed for older people (media release)
16 February 2017 Study seeking local residents to join Community Advisory Committee (media release)
27 January 2017 Plea for more health study participants (Gippsland Times)
19 January 2017 Eyes on the Valley’s future generation (Latrobe Valley Express)
19 January 2017 Study deadline looms (Latrobe Valley Express)
14 Nov 2016 Hazelwood survey deadline looms (Gippsland Times)
10 November Health study survey deadline approaching (Latrobe Valley Express)
1 Nov 2016 Dr Jill Blackman, senior project manager, Hazelwood Health Study (Gippsland Times)
25 October 2016 Health study targets final Morwell patch for survey (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 August 2016 Privacy assurances for long term Hazelwood Health Study (Gippsland Times)
29 August 2016 Researchers say Hazelwood Health Study is independent and private (Latrobe Valley Express)
1 August 2016 Mine fire health study needs Sale participants (Gippsland Times)
1 August 2016 More participants needed for the health study (Latrobe Valley Express)
5 July 2016 Second area for health study (Gippsland Times)
4 July 2016 Survey participants needed (Latrobe Valley Express)
9 June 2016 Hazelwood Health Study uses Sale as control comparison (Gippsland Times)
6 June 2016 Hazelwood survey moves to phase two (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 May 2016 Sale residents contribute to the Hazelwood fire health study (Gippsland Times)
28 April 2016 Morwell residents wanted for Hazelwood Health Study (Latrobe Valley Express)
2 Sep 2015 Parents asked for help with Schools Study  (WIN News Gippsland)
11 Aug 2015 Hazelwood mine fire: Sale, Morwell residents to be quizzed as part of health study (ABC)
24 May 2015 Labour funds recommendations in full to keep valley safe (Premier of Victoria announcement)
25 Mar 2015 Monash teams with community struck by Hazelwood fires (Monash University)
9 Feb 2015 Death rates increased in Traralgon: VOTV (Latrobe Valley Express)
5 Feb 2015 Anniversary dinner marks one year since fire (Latrobe Valley Express)
29 Jan 2015 Health study gets started (Latrobe Valley Express)
27 Jan 2015 10 year health study launched in Latrobe Valley (ABC)
22 Jan 2015 Health study to open its doors (Latrobe Valley Express)
8 Dec 2014 Input sought for study (Latrobe Valley Express)
24 Nov 2014 Monash calls for participation in Community Advisory Committee (PDF 191kb)
6 Nov 2014 Mine fire health study to have strong local presence (Latrobe Valley Express)
4 Nov 2014 Contract signed for long-term health study (Premier of Victoria announcement)

Media inquiries

The study team is pleased to talk to media agencies regarding the progress of the study, upcoming activities, etc. In the first instance, media personnel should contact Adam Redman, Monash Media, by phone on +61 400 394 58.